sirimon naromoru route 3-day

sirimon naromoru route 3-day – sirimon naromoru route 3-day Mount-Kenya-climbing|

Day 1: Met Station

Walk from your base hotel to the Meteorological Station located at 3050 metres (at least a 5 hour walk).

Day 2: MaCkinders Hut

Depart early in the morning heading for Mackinders Hut located at 4175 metres. Arrival should be by lunchtime.

Day 3: McKinders – Acclimatization

Acclimatization with accommodation at Mackinders. Things to do on this day include exploring tarns and glacial valleys.

Day 4: Ascent to Point Lenana

Leave Mackinder’s Camp by 3 in the morning. Arrival at the summit will be in time for sunrise. Descend back down the mountain arriving at your base hotel by early evening.

Equipment Required

All climbers should attempt to bring as much as possible of the following:- anorak, mittens, balaclava (ski-masks), snow goggles or ski sunglasses, scarf, 3 pairs of warm trousers,sweaters, 6 pairs of warm socks, thermal underwear, waterproof layer, sunproof hat, comfortable boots, sun cream, small first aid kit, daypack, torch plus spare battery, and water bottle(s) with 2 litre capacity. Suggested medicines: headache tablets (preferably not aspirin since this tends to irritate stomachs already sensitive at altitude), Imodium/Lomotil for diahorrea sometimes associated with altitude. Climbers may like to consult their physicians about azetazolomide (Diamox), a drug that many find mitigates the ill effects of altitude, headache, diahorrea & vomiting.

Tipping It is customary for satisfied climbers to tip guides and porters. Amounts given are entirely within the discretion of the guest. As a general guideline, however, guests are advised to budget $50-100 each for this purpose. The amount per guest tends to be larger the smaller the group.

The Kenya’s National Bird, the Lilac-breasted roller bird. The acacia dotted plains create scenery of stunning beauty where lions are found in abundance, elephants, buffaloes, Black rhinos, giraffes, genet cats, roam antelopes, leopards, cheetahs & Black-manned lions. A drive to the famous Mara River will give you the chance to see the huge crocodiles basking on the sun

Gnus and zebras in Mount Kenya.